Time To Hit The Gym Dumbbell Toy


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It’s exercise time…….!!!!!!

Bend and lift it is gym time. No, we aren’t really sending your pooch to the gym, but we are saying your fur friend will love catching, carrying around and chewing this textured pawprint dumbbell (complete with a squeaker of course). With all the play time action they will enjoy with this dumbbell, the gym will be completely unnecessary.

Available in 3 colours:

Basic Fawn

Lake Blue

Flamingo Pink

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The details for the humans….

The squeaky dumbbell is made from rubber and has a great addition of a squeaker to provide plenty of annoying times just kidding, plenty of fun times to your fury friend. It is also a whopping 17cm in length!!!

The dumbbell is suitable for small to medium size dogs, but not the type of pooch that loves to chew apart their toys (heavy chewers).

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