The Supersized Tough Gift Box


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Our Supersized Tough Gift Box is for the supersized pooch!!!! After all just because they are the size of a horse, doesn’t mean we don’t love them!!

Did you say horse????

Each gift box is individually packaged with love and inside you will find:

2 toys that will have your pooch jumping over horse jumps with joy!! Be careful though, I am not sure a large pooch running around an equestrian oval will be socially approved!!!!

4 treats to refuel them. It is that simple!! Oh and by the way, they are delicious and nutritious and no I haven’t eaten them, I have it on good authority from Mr Kitipup….. Kip the border collie!!!


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Important Information

This gift box is only suitable for your doggy fur friend and toys and treats used in our photos may occasionally slightly differ from those received in your gift box. It is also important to advise that whilst we do our best to cater for all fury friends with our toys to entertain them, some of the toys may not be suitable to all pooches.

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