Sprinkle Donut Treats


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Sprinkle Donuts….YUM!!!


The pawfect colours of the rainbow are sure to make your pooch smile when snacking on rainbow sprinkle donuts. There is a colour for every pooch from pink, blue, green, orange and yellow take your pick and then enjoy!!! Give your pooch the chance to find their pot of gold at the end of their rainbow sprinkle treats!!!!

The details so the humans know what the pooches are eating….

Sprinkle Donuts contain rolled oats, rice flour, carob powder, coconut oil, nutritional yeast, chia seeds, tapioca flour, maltodextrin, sprinkles and natural food colouring.

Each donut is approximately 6cm wide and each packet contains 5 donuts, one in each colour.

Your pooch is very grateful that these treats should not be eaten by humans, as it means there are more for them to enjoy!!!!

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Last bit of info about these pawfect treats….



The treats are handmade

They do not contain wheat

No animal products are used

Free from preservatives

A special no-melt icing

The packaging is a recyclable craft bag

AND….of course, they are PAWFECT!!!!!!

The baking equipment is cleaned between each batch; however, it cannot be guaranteed that cross contamination has not occurred by the producer.

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