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Furchoc Treats……Have Arrived!!!

What are furchocs?

Well all South Australians would be familiar with the greatly loved cubed treat of apricot and peach that is covered in delicious chocolate.But if you are not from South Australia, and haven’t heard of them, don’t worry!Take our word for it, they are sensational, and your pooch will think the same about these pawsome new treats.

The details so the humans know what the pooches are eating…

Furchoc biscuits contain rolled oats, rice flour, apricot, peach, carob, coconut oil and chia seeds.

There are approximately 25-30 biscuits within each 150g box of goodness, and each biscuit is approximately 3cm wide.

These treats should not be eaten by humans, as it means there are more for them to enjoy!!!! If your hooman wants a delicious treat, tell them to get a bag of Fruchocs from the shop!

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Last bit of info about these pawfect treats is:

The treats are handmade

They do not contain wheat

No animal products are used

Free from preservatives

Everything is made from natural ingredients

The packaging is environmentally friendly as the box is recyclable and the cello compostable

Of course, they are PAWFECT!!!!!!

*** The baking equipment is cleaned between batches; however, it cannot be guaranteed that cross contamination has not occurred by the producer