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Everyone loves a frisbee!!!!

Look it’s a flying saucer up in the sky!!!! No just kidding……it is our flying frisbee that all the pooches just love and who wouldn’t want to leap into the air like superman to catch a toy. Great fun to throw around in the yard or down at the park or if you are daring enough inside the house but beware for the windows, they don’t take kindly to being hit by a flying frisbee.

Available in 2 colours:

Atlantic Blue

Lime Green

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The details for the humans….

The flying frisbee is made from a durable plastic and has an easy pick up design as the middle bump keeps the frisbee on an angle so your pooch can pick it up off the grass with no hassles. The flying frisbee is 22cm in fun size and is suitable for all size pooches to play catch with.

Please note if your pooch loves to chew on their frisbee, this would not be suitable for them.

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