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Count down to Christmas in December with an Advent Calendar for your fur bay filled with Veggie Paw treats, a Puppy Stocking for the big day and a Christmas Toy. Each treat is handmade so be sure to support local this Christmas!!!!!

Our pawsome pooch Advent Calendar has 24 windows and each window contains a paw-shaped biscuit from the Veggie Paws Cafe Flavours treat range.

Your pooch will love treats such as:

* Double Choc Mudcake

* Carrot Cake

* Mango Cheesecake

Your pooch will feel very loved and excited that Christmas is coming and so is Santa Paws!!!

Each Advent Calendar is 25cm wide x 38 cm tall & all the delicious biscuits are approximately 3cm wide.

Details for the Hoomans!!!

* Wheat Free

* No animal products

* Preservative free

* All natural ingrediants

* 100% recyclable box – no plastic tray inside

* Tastes pawsome (of course)!!!!!

** Bandana patterns may vary depending on size and availability**

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