2019 Christmas Advent Calendar


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Count down to Christmas in December with an Advent Calendar for your fur bay filled with Veggie Paw treats. Each treat is handmade so be sure to support local this Christmas!!!!!

Our pawsome pooch Advent Calendar has 24 windows and each window contains a paw-shaped biscuit from the Veggie Paws Cafe Flavours treat range.

Your pooch will love treats such as:

* Double Choc Mudcake

* Carrot Cake

* Mango Cheesecake

Your pooch will feel very loved and excited that Christmas is coming and so is Santa Paws!!!

Each Advent Calendar is 25cm wide x 38 cm tall & all the delicious biscuits are approximately 3cm wide.

Details for the Hoomans!!!

* Wheat Free

* No animal products

* Preservative free

* All natural ingrediants

* 100% recyclable box – no plastic tray inside

* Tastes pawsome (of course)!!!!!